Episode 8: Interview with Nick Zukin, Part 1

Episode 8: Interview with Nick Zukin, Part 1

In July 2009, Portland based food writer and restaurateur Nick Zukin abandoned his carnivorous roots for a month-long Vegan Quest.

The food connoisseur behind ExtraMSG, the Portlandfood.org forums, and both Kenny & Zuke’s establishments, was interested “to see what it’s like to live as a vegan. Call it a form of cultural anthropology, like living with a tribe in the Amazon or something. That’s not intended to be demeaning. I just mean to highlight the truly incommensurable differences between my world and the vegan world. I aim to walk in their shoes”.

Join the Stumptown Vegans as we sit down to discuss his experience in the first part of this interview.

Show Notes:

Stay tuned for Part 2!

Episode 7: Outdoor Dining

Episode #7: Outdoor Dining

Enjoy the end of summertime in Portland with the Stumptown Vegans, as we each share our Top Five outdoor dining spots. It’s no surprise that bar patios and food carts dominate!

Does your favorite place fall on our list?

Show Notes:

For the sake of keeping you tempted to listen, we are obviously limiting our show notes this episode.

A Bye & Bye on the back patio

The Bye & Bye

Thanks for joining us!

Episode 6: The Let Live Conference

Stumptown Vegans Episode 6: The Let Live Conference

Join the Stumptown Vegans as they discuss the upcoming Let Live Northwest Animal Rights Conference with founders Chad Miller and Josh Hooten.

Hear about the hard work the organizers have put into this passionate event, everything they’re excited about, and why you want to go.  Pretty sure there’s a fart joke or two snuck in, if you listen carefully enough.

The Let Live Conference is taking plate June 26th-28th and you are encouraged to register online, and you can also do so at Food Fight! and Herbivore.

Show Notes:

Chad and Josh:
podcast photo

Let Live Conference June 26th-28th, 2009

Episode 5: Year 2 in Review

Episode 5: Stumptown Vegans Year 2 in Review

The Stumptown Vegans have entered our third  year of providing restaurant reviews of vegan food in Portland!

Our long-awaited return to podcasting (with new technology!) features discussion on recent openings and closings in the Portland restaurant community, highlights of our favorite meals, habitual spots you’ll find us and upcoming reviews.

Show Notes:

Stay tuned for more later this summer!

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Just Thai cart:
April 2009 021

Nutshell Window:

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What are your habitual spots lately?

Episode 4: Portland Vegfest

Stumptown Vegans Episode #4: VegFest Review with Karla of Veganshizzle

The 4th Annual Portland Vegfest, presented by NW Veg, was held on May 9th and 10th, 2008 and we made sure to be there.

Whether you attended or not, listen us as we discuss our favorite samples, why we go, what we learned in cooking classes, and what we really think about Temptation Ice Cream.

We’re joined by vegan product review specialist and fellow Portlander, Karla from Veganshizzle. Brace yourself for a ton of show notes!

Show Notes:

may 2008 early 026

Episode 3: Interview with Julie Hasson

Stumptown Vegans Episode #3 Interview with Julie Hasson

Welcome to our first interview!

We recently talked to local cookbook author and Everyday Dish vegan cooking show host, Julie Hasson.

Join us as we discuss cooking, veganism in families, why she moved to the Portland area and her upcoming projects – featuring a pie book with tons of vegan recipes and new segments for Everyday Dish.

Show Notes:

More interviews to come!

Episode 2: Cheap Eats

Stumptown Vegans Podcast #2: Cheap Eats

Cheap Vegans Gather Around!

In our second podcast, we celebrate our savvy use of $5 or so around Portland. Is your cheapass lunch spot or happy hour mentioned?

Show Notes:

Thanks for listening!

Let us know if you have any topics you’d like to see discussed, and how the listening experience was for you.